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World famous Consultant,Visionary, Philosopher, Personal Counselor, Life Counselor/Coach, Psychic, Astrologist, Numerologist, and Author of Bestseller eBook  " Take Astrology as a Helping Tool in Real Life "  & "  Mysterious Swastika: The Hidden Cause of Hitler's Birth " , Here for you to give his best services. He is already giving those services from long time and most popular expert on  ( USA ) [ In Top15 Reviewer ] & many other websites, Providing live chat and email service.

My name is Sharad Kumar Soni, I have done My Master Degree in Statistics. I am an IT professional too.

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Predictions come true by SHARAD KUMAR SONI

      First [ Media / Entertainment ] : Vipul, Indian Idol 6 [2012]      

Second [ Politics ]: Barack Obama, US President [2012]

Third [ Entertainment ]: Ripu Handa, MasterChef (Kitchen Ke Superstar) [2013]

Fourth [ Entertainment ] : Syed & Okasana (Cine ‎Star Ki  ‎Khoj) [2014]

Fifth [ Politics ] : Nitish Kumar ( Become Bihar CM again ) [2015]

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First Book Published in 2011 : "Take Astrology as a Helping Tool in Real Life" Publisher name "Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc., ( USA ) " [ Buy Book Here ]

Second Book Published in 2012 : "Mysterious Swastika: The Hidden Cause of Hitler's Birth" Publisher name "Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co, LLC, ( USA ) " [ Buy Book Here ]

Third/Fourth Book Published in 2014 : "Interesting Thoughts by SHARAD KUMAR SONI" Vol.1,Vol.2 & Vol.3 [ Free Ebook ]

Very interesting thoughts by SHARAD KUMAR SONI (Blog)[2013]

My Theory about Why Mars lost its Atmosphere? (YouTube)[2014]

Understand God, Dark Energy, Universe, Galaxy, Sun,

Solar System and Black hole in my way(YouTube) [2014].

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