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First Book [ 2011 ]

Take Astrology as a Helping Tool in Real Life [ Buy Book Here ]
by Sharad Kumar Soni

Continued misrepresentation of astrology has created a negative reputation for the ancient and mystic art. Astrology can be perfect, but a bad astrologer is much less so.

Author Sharad Kumar Soni, an astrologer by trade and by passion, offers to take that negative energy and transform it into the positive influence it was always destined to be. His aim is to provide a positive perception of astrology in everyday life.

He considers the powers of planets, numbers, and even colors in daily situations. These and other factors, taken separately and in combination, all play major roles in a person’s health, wealth, marriage and children, and more.

Life takes work. To do better work, you need the proper tools. Astrology can be a helping tool in your real life.


Second Book [ 2012 ] 

Mysterious Swastika: The Hidden Cause of Hitler's Birth [ Buy Book Here ]
by Sharad Kumar Soni

Looking back on the history of World War II and how it affected his family, a man discovers his grandfather’s story inside a book at an old house. Mysterious Swastika: The Hidden Cause of Hitler’s Birth is an unforgettable novel that contains elements of history, evil and spirituality.

The hero of the book is endowed with genetic strength from his grandmother, who was a part of Hitler’s special force. Added to his natural strength are the spiritual powers he gains from a Swastika locket that he finds alongside his grandfather’s book.

A threat to peace and the possibility of World War III erupts into a battle of good versus evil, when a villain of Japanese descent wishes to avenge the injuries sustained by his grandfather when the atomic bomb was dropped.

Find out who these combatants really are when you read the secrets of Mysterious Swastika.

About Author: Sharad Kumar Soni is an Advisor, Author, Astrologer and Psychic from India having Master degree in statistics and an IT professional as well. “Mysterious Swastika: The Hidden Cause of Hitler’s Birth” is a compelling new novel from author Sharad Kumar Soni after his first successful book “Take astrology as a helping tool in real life”. Using World War II as its point of departure, the novel is the epic tale of an explosive battle between good and evil.

Author Thoughts: “Life” looks like a small word. But, it carry millions years, under subsequences changes in life style. But, during those changes nature always care Life, under specific system of nature and Life is bound to live under this system because Life is part of a big cause what decided by supreme powers to synchronize that big Universe. Only few people know about this system of nature and they are bound, not to disclose this system of nature to make balance. But, first time I am trying to do this to make people life better with a glance of system of nature. During this process, I found a center of those changes in last 100 years, which is Adolf Hitler. When I found that center, I started to write this book.

Predictions come true in 2012 by SHARAD KUMAR SONI

First [ Media / Entertainment ] : Vipul, Indian Idol 6

Second [ Politics ]: Barack Obama, US President


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